Annual Cake Mixing Ceremony at Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels


Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels celebrated ‘Silver BELLS’ a dry fruit mixing ceremony for Christmas Cake on their Annual Cake Mixing event and in honour of their silver Jubilee. To mark this ceremony, Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels is turning 25 this year!

Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels rang the Christmas bells with their intoxicating aroma of the Annual Cake Mixing ceremony wafted around. The rich tradition of mixing the tart pieces of dry fruits that will go in the plum cakes along with a large variety of candied fruits, assorted nuts, raisins, spices and spirits.

Lots of exotic ingredients were arranged in an exquisite style to soak the fruits in and were mixed joyfully for exotic dough preparation to mature beautifully in time for Christmas.

Everyone came together, rolled up their sleeves and got to work with the mixing tray to make the base of the delicious plum cakes.

The mixing event reached a level of high spirits when the combination of the best varieties of dry fruits, flavoured with some premium liquor and syrups led by Chef Sheetharam Prasaad and his culinary brigade.

The event was filled with conversations, cheer, laughter, and a delicious buffet to enjoy.



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