Ankith Gupta Releases ‘7500’, A Celebration Of Music Through 14 Languages


At just 16 years old, Chennai-based Ankith Gupta has already established a name for himself as a record producer and composer, working on over 30 songs and 3 EPs with artists from the USA, Iran, Italy, and other places over the past year. He has spent the lockdown creating a special hip-hop track that honours the International appeal of music. Entitled ‘7500’ to denote the number of hours spent crafting it, the song contains lyrics in 14 languages, rendered by 12 singers.

The project has set a new record for the title “Song Composed By An Individual In Maximum Languages”, as confirmed by the Guiness Book Of Records as well as by India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records. The languages featured in the track are English, Arabic, Malayalam, German, Hindi, Bangla, Italian, Kannada, Swedish, Spanish, Tamil, Nepali, Jamaican, and Telugu.

Speaking on ‘7500’, Ankith says, “The concept behind this song is that music transcends all barriers of language, and becomes a language of its own through which we can form bonds across the world. Collaborating internationally with the 12 singers and the sound engineer who mastered the track, despite the heavy restrictions globally during this time, has been a brilliant experience. The creation process itself truly proves and celebrates the concept.”

Watch the song here:



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