Anil Kapoor reveals why he got scolding from wife on Oscar eve!


It was a journey-down-memory lane for Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor as he reminisced the unforgettable eve of the Oscar ceremony for being scolded by his wife Sunita.

The Danny Boyle directed “Slumdog Millionaire” created history by sweeping eight Academy Awards, out of the 10 nominations.

However, Anil shared that he was scolded by his wife when he said that he wanted to sleep on the eve of the Awards.
“For family, Oscar doesn’t matter. My wife and I were discussing about Sonam the night before Oscar! I said ‘let me sleep now’ and she said ‘leave Oscar, listen to me first.’ So even then, family was my priority. I got a lot of firing from Sunita the night before Oscar ceremony,” Anil said.




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