Angelina Jolie Gets Covered In Bees For 18 Minutes For A Photoshoot


Angelina Jolie who has supported many humanitarian and environmental causes has extended her support towards another cause, bee conservation. She has posed for a photo shoot for the National Geographic magazine, in which she is seen covered in hundreds of bees. Angelina is seen in a white, off-shoulder dress, looking straight into the camera. A swarm of bees sits around her shoulders and chest and a few are also seen on her face.

Photographer Dan Winters described how the photo shoot was arranged. He said that Angelina had to sit with the bees on her body for almost 18 minutes. “I’m a beekeeper, and when I was given the assignment to work with Angelina, my main concern was safety. Shooting during the pandemic, with a full crew and live bees, made the execution complex. And I knew the only way to ensure we achieved the desired effect for the photo was to use the same technique that Richard Avedon used 40 years ago to create his iconic beekeeper portrait,” he said.



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