Andrea Jeremiah Talks About Her Love For Baking


Andrea Jeremiah has been sharing some delicious pictures of her cakes as she ventured into baking during the lockdown. She had even mentioned that she has been trying out cooking for the first time. She even shared videos of baking and singing, and even invited her Vada Chennai co-star Aishwarya Rajesh for the bake-and-sing session, on her social media.

Now she took to social media to talk about her progress as a baker. She said, “All my life, whenever someone says something nice about my singing or acting, I just smile politely, almost embarrassed by the compliment. But whenever anyone praises my cake, I become all excited and jump around saying “Really ? You like it ? Yaaay!” Maybe because I’ve been onstage ever since I can remember, but never entered the kitchen until the lockdown. So from zero to this in 6 months feels like a major life accomplishment and here’s a series of my baking posts just to celebrate that.” Andrea also shared some of the delicious cakes and cupcakes she had baked over the past few months.



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