An Organic Indulgence


It was an afternoon to let yourself “just be”. Barkha Ahuja, Raj Shroff and RITZ Magazine invited Bengaluru’s socialites to indulge in an organic and vegan affair with a pop up by Ravage, Mayflower, Vinay Narkar and Amrud silver jewellery. Nidhi Nahata founder of the award winning health food cafe JUSTBE, Sadashiv Nagar, who believes in serving health on your plate, offered a guilt free experience to the guests. Her specialties tofu water chestnut skewers, nacho bites, mushroom and corn crostini, carillon tartlets, chia seeds soaked pink nimbu coolers, chocolate tarts and more did the rounds from her oil free, sugar free, dairy free, colour free and preservative free kitchen. After some retail therapy, Nidhi took the invitees through a detox smoothie making workshop that was loved by everyone. A few beautiful women of substance including Manjul Gupta, Swati Gupta and Mikky Singh of Bodycraft Spa & Salon, Shruti Malhan of OneRoze and Dipti Aradhya of Diani Jewels were honoured at the event for their exemplary work in their respective fields. The soiree concluded with a dhoti pant style saree draping workshop by Deepa Chauhan.




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