An Indo-Western Twist


RITZ explores Chintya’s love for clothing & how she blends ethnic with modern

While most designers are sticking to a single genre of fashion, she refuses to follow suit. RITZ explores Chintya’s love for Indo-Western clothing and how she blends the ethnic with the modern

After what seemed to be a life time of purely western or the conventional Indian, Intish by Chintya is a welcome change. This young designer has taken it upon herself to usher in styles that have the city had so far been iffy towards. “Chennai has entered an experimental phase in terms of its fashion. While western and ethnic clothing still continue to trend, I believe in mixing the two. I think there is nothing as chic as Indian fabrics draped in a western way,” Chintya smiles. This Indo-Western twist that the lovely designer talks about finds it’s way among her collection as her favourite Kalamkari crop top and skirt. “People also seem to love the design; it is my best seller.”

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Though the designer and the owner of a multiple designer store, Chintya loves to dress down. “I don’t like being too loud or dressy and all my designs mirror my taste. The clothes are never too heavy, but usually is enough to allow it to stand on its own.”

What has paid off for this designer store has been its willingness to bring in fashion trends from North India to the city. “People often ask me what is trending in the North. People always seem to talk about going to Delhi and Bombay to shop. I wanted to give people the option to choose and custom make clothes in the city without having to make that trip. I think Intish has contributed to the fashion scene by bringing crop tops and long skirts and dhoti pants into vogue in Chennai,” she tells us.

While Intish has a steady stream of repeat customers, Chintya says that social media plays a rather large role in bringing in new orders. “You need to get your creative look right. Everything goes on Facebook and Instagram and that way, you are able to understand market trends,” she says. Despite her large social media presence, good old fashioned word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. “When you hear someone talking about a designer, you are reassured about quality.” Talking about the best compliment yet, Chintya says  that she has been told that she has a knack to understand individual tastes. “I guess I am doing something right!” she laughs.

Beside her on point in-house marketing, Chintya tells us that fit and time are also two key factors to garnering a larger market. “I try and get the orders ready even before the deadlines. The longest we’ve taken to deliver was a month – we made a bridal lehenga that had a lot of hand embroidery”.

Divulging a little detail about the women that wear Intish, Chintya tells us that Saindhavi Prakash loves her designs. She also tells us that the hottest clothes off the rack are “gowns by Intish.” As we end our conversation, Chintya tells us Intish was her way of making chic fashion affordable for everyone. “We are a midrange curated store. Our clothes range from anywhere between Rs 2,000 and Rs 20,000.”



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