An Evening With Andrew Lee At Phoenix Marketcity


Chennai, 29th August 2015: Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai offering the perfect blend of shopping, dining and live entertainment hosted the world-renowned mentalist and illusionist, Andrew Lee.

In his own words, “Magic is the only honest profession. A magician promises to deceive you and it does”. He promised to deceive the audience and he did exactly that.  Andrew Lee made the spectators gaze at his tricks with the curiosity of a child. All his tricks enraptured the crowd as they were left dumbfounded.  From coins to  forks bending to changing the time in the audience’s watch, his tricks has left the spectators absolutely enthralled and wanting for more.

The alluring show was an exclusive event held specially designed to give the Mercedez Benz owners a unique take home experience.  Andrew  Lee is a master of a variety of skills such as Levitation – the ability to float an object in mid air, Mentalism – makes objects disappear into thin air etc among others. He is also known to move and bend objects using mind power etc. Often times, he is referred to as a psychic entertainer.

Some of his performances appeared to include uncanny skills such as telepathy, clairvoyance, divination, precognition, psycho kinesis and mediumship.

His close up magic skills allows the audience to feel that the magic happened in their own hand! The audience appreciated his legerdemain and his mind blowing ploys, ending the magical evening with roaring applause.

 Speaking on the occasion, illusionist Andrew Lee said,“ Today’s audience at Phoenix Marketcity was extremely spontaneous and patient. I had a great evening while I enjoyed interacting with the audience  and giving them hands on experience of my illusions and tricks”.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Noel Vessaoker, Center Director, Phoenix MarketCity Chennai: said “We at  Phoenix MarketCity perceive to take entertainment to a different level by hosting international personalities like Andrew Lee.  We are honoured to host him here this evening  to create an unimaginable experience for all”



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