An Eco friendly Christmas Tree Made Out Of Shells!


  This festive season CGH Earth Experience hotels once again walks the talk! 

Every year, the team at CGH (Clean Green and Healthy) Earth makes Christmas trees and decor by recycling plastic and paper waste from the hotel sending out a clear message that while we celebrate Christmas, saving the environment is equally important. This year too, they have used recycled paper and plastic waste in their festive decor. One of the Fort Kochi properties have even used mussel shells!

“This year’s theme at Eighth Bastion was shells. 6500 recycled mussel shells were used to make this Christmas Tree. The natural tint of the shells reflects light well when the tree is lit, and no additional colouring needs to be done. Besides the mussel shell tree, 300 oyster shells were also hand painted as Santa Claus to add to the decoration,” posted the team on Facebook. Kudos to the CGH Team !



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