An artist robot named Ai-Da


Ai-Da is  one of the most exciting artists of all times and by the way she is a robot and is the brainchild of Aiden Meller  who  claims that she is the world’s first ultra realistic humanoid artist able to draw creatively due to inbuilt artificial intelligence. The 46 year old art dealer unveiled  the robot dressed in a brown wig and painters blouse in Oxford before the first exhibition of her artworks in English University City. While he was speaking on the occasion, the robot was drawing a sketch of him from behind the desk.

Forty five minutes later  a drawing comprising of deft pencil strokes emerged.Many of the robots paintings adorned  the walls and included historical figures from the times of Leonardo-da-Vinci to Alan Turing. There are many colourful paintings and sculptures based on her initial sketches but completed by human assistance. Currently Ai- Da is only able to hold hard pencils and cannot hold brushes. It is understood that  her  first exhibition has  already sold for over 1 million pounds.



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