An Adventure to Hampi Is A Travel Back In Time!


An Expedition to Hampi – The Capital City of the Glorious Vijayanagar Empire!

Redrawlife takes you to Hampi on Jan 20th and 21st, 2017.  Hampi is the ancient capital city of the glorious Vijayanagar Empire. Situated in the northern part of Karnataka this UNESCO Heritage Site spreads across 26 sq km of ancient architecture in the form of temples and other buildings. “Get lost in the glory and relics of a bygone era. Be ready to travel to an ancient land of temples and ruins amidst hills, boulders, farms, forest and a beautiful river. Guess what? You get to ride and explore this ancient town in your own cycles and get a taste of the local cuisine too.


Sounds Fun? If so ascend your way onto steep boulders.Yes, you heard it right. Our bouldering* experience gives you the chance to find out first hand why bouldering is causing such a splash in the world of adventure sports. Led by an experienced instructor, you’ll crawl and clamber your way past the big rocks that block your path, so get ready to sweat because things are going to get messy!
*For those who still have no clue, recall Tom Cruise intro in MI:2, yes that’s it!” invites Redrawlife!

Cost: Rs.2600 per person
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