An adaptation of Jean Paul Sartre’s Kean


First written by and later rewritten to adapt to the then new audiences a century later by Jean Paul Sartre, this play is about the third of the original perpetuators of Shakespearean actors.

After Richard Burbage, who was traine Alexandre Dumasd by Shakespeare himself and then David Garrick, there was a void in quality actors for some time. This was until a relatively unknown Edmund Kean burst into the scene during the late 1700s and ruled the stage till the early 1800s.


Kean the actor was a true entertainer who created Shakespearean roles in his unique style – ‘with flashes of lightning’ as was said by the then critiques.

This adaptation in one Act and portrays the life of the eccentric but genial Kean, what with his vagarious habits – of women and wine, both of which he had had in excess.

Venue: Edouard Michelin Auditorium

Date & time: February 13, 14 at 7.15 pm



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