Amy Jackson Shares Tips On Making The Most Of Self-isolation


With the corona outbreak has hit and the world is standstill, people are in quarantine and panicking about the situation. Everyone is wishing well for their family and friends and so as the celebs. Amy Jackson took it to social media to share her message with her fans and beloveds. She asks them to use the time usefully to learn and improve the skills.

Sharing an adorable picture of her son Andreas Jax Panayiotou, Amy wrote, “I was super pessimistic about posting and scrolling through social media this last week but I’ve decided to change my perspective and use it as a way of connecting and motivating people who like myself, have been struggling.

There’s no doubt, we are living through some very uncertain times right now… but we’ve got this!! Let’s do the right thing, please stay home. If not for yourself, do it for your parents and your grandparents – they need our help in defeating this virus which is potentially life-threatening for them. It’s Day 6 of self-isolation in our house and it’s actually been a blessing in disguise. I’ve used this time to take a step back from this crazy world and do some real soul searching. I know you might be feeling anything but ‘happy’ right now, but you can find joy in the simplest of things.. being completely present with your loved ones, concentrating on your personal growth, learning new skills – use this time to heal, rejuvenate and better yourself! You might be feeling like many of your choices have been taken away from you but you’re still able to choose your mindset!! Make sure you choose your mindset very carefully, that thing can make or break you soooo what’s giving you your little bit of joy today!? Here’s my AJP  to brighten up your day .”



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