Amethyst presents three menswear labels: SUKETDHIR, Naushad Ali and Tāth


SUKETDHIR the  eponymous luxury menswear label, in, cottons, linen, bamboo, fine mulmul and silk blends which make the collection breathable and supple, with minimalist aesthetics and detailed, quality finish priced at Rs.4,000/- onwards.  Naushad Ali presents a capsule collection of breezy layers in fine hand woven voiles in monochrome, designed in the Auroville studio, in a price range of Rs.3,900/- to Rs.5,550/-; and the Tāth collection. sourced from the work of the artisans of Kutch, the Khamir Crafts Co-operative. The tag on each shirt details the source of the natural colours and the time taken to create 1metre of the fabric, priced between Rs.2,250/- to Rs.3,000/-. at 11.30am on Wednesday, March 16th, 2016, at The Amethyst Room, New #106, Old #79, Chamiers Road, Chennai.




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