Amethyst presents Sonam Dubal’s ‘A/W 2015 – 2016’ collection


Sonam Dubal’s A/W 2015 – 2016 collection entitled,  “After the Rains-Dream Sequins”, at 11.30am on Saturday, December 19th, 2015, at Amethyst entrance next to Corporation Bank, Whites Road, Royapettah, Chennai. Showcasing classic silhouettes embroidered coats, hand painted kaftans, wrap dresses, capes and iridescent georgette sequined dresses in subtle shine in natural, rich earth colour tones – brick, fuchsia, burnt orange, teal blue, dragon fly, indigo, iridescent blue and burnished gold. The collection features exotic patterns in crimson, mauve, purple and raspberry prints on rich velvets, georgettes and silks as well as khadiand chanderi, blending structure with a movement of fluidity. A percentage of the sales will go towards flood relief for Chennai. Available at Rs.4,000/- onwards, Sonam Dubal will be available for a telephone / email interaction prior the event and for a face to face on December 19th, 2016. In case you wish to take this forward, please do let us know and we will be happy to coordinate.

The exhibition will continue until December 26th, 2015.

Dreams are the fabric of our myths, the power of suggestion weaving imaginative colours, dramatising our reality. It is in dreaming that colours juxtapose into each other, creating strange abstractions. The Dream Catcher – weaved the good dreams and narrated them to his people, guarding their spirits representative of an ethos of indigenous tribes all over the world. These dreams were woven into life, textiles and today beckon us at many levels, making us aware of our shared roots …


This collection at Amethyst is an ode to the incredible people of Chennai who have stood together battling the floods, working together in harmony reminding us of humanity and what it means to be united today in these times.

Sonam Dubal‘s AW 2015 collection is shaped by that line between the conscious and the unconscious that dream state of fluid and spatial freedom. Evolving his signature style, this current collection is an extension of his intuitive use of traditional textiles and symbols, putting together a work of art that spans the multiple and rich reflections of nature, creating a cultural canvas.

As in a dance, Orissa ikats come together with oriental influences to create a fluid blend of cultures which create a vibrant textured dreamscape.

A lightness of being is gained from the weaves where dream symbols like the lotus, paisley or kairi, the eye and fish are used.

Geometric embroideries have been developed in intense colouring, moving from one to the other like rainbow hues, resonating a traveler’s refined sensibilities. There is a freshness in various embroideries of this collection in modern folk, contrasting effectively with black spaces engaging and enabling us to embrace the richness of life’s experiences.

Dubal’s year of stillness allowed him to move through an enriching introspective journey, exploring avenues such as teaching, writing and consulting for social initiatives like SASHA in Kolkatta and ADISHAKTI in Pondicherry .

Women from various walks of life who have endorsed the Sonam Dubal label include documentary film maker and writer Leslie Cockburn, anthropologist and representative Gail Percy, film director Deepa Mehta and Sabiha Sumar journalist and writer Barkha Dutt, Madhu Trehan, actress Manisha Koirala, Tabu and Sonam Kapoor, Artists Jayshree Burman, Mithu Sen and entrepreneur Anuradha Mahindra and close friends Malavika Tiwari and Lady Mohini Noon.



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