Amethyst Presents Label Verandah


Inspired by the historical fiction novel ’Shadow Princess’, the third of a trilogy written by Anjali Patel’s favorite author, Indu Sundersan and her interest in Mughal history; ‘Jahanara’ brings to life the mood of the storyline that led up the building of Taj Mahal. The story of Jahanara during this critical period in history is little is talked of. Her sorrow, her joy, and role in the completion of the monumental task to build the magnificent Taj Mahal struck a cord, and this collection is her humble attempt, to portray emotion through this narrative. The contemporary collection by Verandah this season is a play on color and light based on the storyline, a story of heart and a fight for the empire in the background of the ‘Parchin Kari’ enamel work encrusted on the walls of the monument. Contemporary renditions of antique hand-embroidered silk coats paired with upcycled denim, summer separates and dresses in signature prints paired with handmade accessories for vacation dressing marks this collection.

Label Verandah’s Resort and Swim collection for 2020 is designed in vibrant hues, with memories of her love for the sea that she discovered as a child and to raise awareness for conservation, partnering with Reef Watch a Not for Profit in the Andaman Islands. Their all-new swim collection is designed using fabrics made from Econyl yarn made from Fishing net, fashion and carpet waste, manufactured in Italy with a strong commitment to social responsibility. The palette for the season is vibrant, with corals, yellows, blues and motif prints on white, which marks this Verandah

When: 11th and 12th of December 2019 | 10.30 am to 7.30 pm
Where: The Amethyst Room, Chennai.



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