Amethyst Presents Label Bhaane


Chilled glasses and a perfectly steamed dress, a bittersweet laceration of vermouth, potent perfume setting off an olfactory overload. A single lamp lit in the living room. Leaning into the vanity of half-done hair, contorting into inhuman postures as one zips-up. Rouge tainted fingers fade away before the last affirmation. Good shoes scattered carelessly as if mid-swing from yesterday’s dancing – you’ll be needing them again tonight.

This collection is an anticipation of the bacchanalia to come, luxurious, lustrous clothes rendered in a post-sunset palette of wine, ink, and charcoal colours. Velvet and mushroom dresses, recycled polyester suits for men, a flowing, hyper-feminine tencel dress are all designed for hedonism: whether you’re headed to a secret garden party with strangers or staying in with Ella Fitzgerald, mixing martinis for one.

When: 22nd October 2020 | 11.30 AM – 7.30 PM

Where: The Amethyst Room, #106, Chamiers Road, Chennai.



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