Allu Arjun Inaugurates Allu Studios On Grandfather Allu Ramalingaiah’s 99th Birth Anniversary


On the 99 birth anniversary of Telugu actor Allu Ramalingaiah on 1 October, his son Allu Aravind and grandsons Allu Arjun, Bobby Allu, and Allu Sirish inaugurated the construction work of a film studio in Hyderabad. The studio is named Allu Studios.

Allu Arjun took it to social media to share the news. He wrote, “1st of October marks the 99th anniversary of our beloved Dr. Sri Allu Ramalingaiah. To commemorate the occasion and honour his memory, the Allu family has inaugurated the construction work of Allu Studios.” Allu Arjun also shared pictures of the inauguration of the construction work of Allu Studios.




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