All Wrapped Up!


It’s ‘wrap’ and roll time at KFC Land. The brand has introduced the all new Chicken Wraps – your favourite KFC chicken with a twist, all wrapped up! Straight off the grill, these wraps are hot, crunchy and 2 of a kind (literally). Enjoy 2 of these grilled beauties at just INR 99. Now that’s a winning combination – loaded on taste & easy on the pocket! And flavour in every bite! Each wrap is a delicious combination of all things yummy: your favourite crispy-juicy chicken strip, laid out amidst freshly cut salad, with a dash of tangy sauce – all enclosed in a lightly grilled wrap. That’s not all. The new wraps are part of the ‘Super Saver Refresh’ range offering more combos @ INR 99/- only. In addition to the 2 Chicken Wraps, you can also choose from 2 Chicken Longers or a Chicken longer & Chicken Popcorn combo at the magic price of INR 99. So, whether it’s a month-end date, lunch with your BFF or just a relaxed Friday night – the Super Saver Refresh range is the perfect answer to your hunger as well as tight budget woes. Head to your nearest KFC restaurant or order through the KFC App/Website ( and get your hands on any of these ‘tasty twos’.



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