All women pilot team to fly over North Pole on world’s longest air route

An all women pilot team from Air India will fly over the North Pole on the longest air route in the world. The distance they will cover will be about 16,000 kilometres. The flight is from san Fransisco to Bengaluru. Flying through the North Pole is supposed to be extremely challenging and airline companies usually send their best and experienced pilots on this route. This time, Air India has named Captain Zoya Agarwal who will be commanding the flight with her team which comprises Captains Thanmai Papagiri, Akanksha Sonawane and Shivani Manhas.
This is the first time that an all-women pilot team will fly over the North Pole and will create history. Experts say that flying over the North Pole requires skill and experience as it is extremely technical.This dream flight is taking place today the 9th of January 2021. Captain Zoya said that she is extremely thrilled as passing the North Pole where the compass will flip 180 degrees is fascinating. It will be another feather in her cap as she was the youngest woman pilot to fly a Boeing -777 in 2013. Though Air India pilots have flown over this route earlier, this is the first time that a team of women pilots are attempting this feat.


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