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Experience an exquisite exhibition of pret couture by designer Raj Shroff’s label Ravage and fine timeless jewelry by Archana Aggarwal at the Crowne Plaza. Loaded with emotion, heritage and history, Archana Aggarwal’s jewelry adapt royal, traditional, contemporary and chic trends in its designs, crafting exceptional collections that play with diamonds and precious gemstones which are both rare and unique, sourced from all over the world. Whether it be a gloriously embellished necklace, a glittering engagement ring or a very personal expression of love, Archana Aggarwal has a proud heritage of creating marvelous works of art that are adorned by jewelry connoisseurs and passed on from generation to generation with pride.

With a belief that fashion in India has its own little tale, which should be the designers’ focus rather than aping western trends, Ravage by Raj Shroff undeniably has an international appeal but with an indigenous viewpoint. In Ravage’s case, it’s a style that derives from upbringing, culture and travel, influences as disparate as Simone de Beauvoir and dub remixes of jilala Sufi trance music. He feels that the clothes keep changing with perspective so he believes in wearing clothes that keep the soul alive.

When: 1st and 2nd February 2020 | 11 am

Where: Crowne Plaza, Alwarpet, Chennai.



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