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Madhulika Kapilavayi founded Margazhi Designs in 2014, which is one of the most stylish and appealing saree collections. Her online portal boasts of rich, beautiful, and varied sarees that are curated to perfection. Madhulika, who is a stylist by profession, often posts videos about saree styling, accessorising, and other topics. She often models sarees which are stunning, desi aesthetic and her style is totally wearable, if you are someone who loves sarees. Her aesthetic creations are a reflection of her personality and memories, and they exemplify her love for fashion. Read on as Madhulika Kapilavayi sheds some light on what it took to start her own fashion label and gives us cues on what’s trending!


When did you first realise you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

I discovered that I was always drawn to creating my own designs. I eventually wanted to create a space where my designs had their own identity.

What inspired you to create Margazhi Designs?

My passion for sarees was sparked by the women in my life. Growing up, I saw my grandmother and mother drape their crisp sarees with such joy and adoration, which inspired me to keep up with this beautiful tradition. My idea is to instill the thought in people’s minds that one can look stunning while sticking to one’s own roots, there is no need to change one’s personality or tradition. Margazhi has a unique ring to it, and it’s also a very appealing name. Further, it brings back memories of the festivities I used to have at my grandmother’s house when I was a kid.

When there are so many other options, why would you choose a saree?

Saree has no competitors and will never go out of style. Since we began weaving, it has been a component of human civilisation. I have embraced a garment that represents our culture

What is it about being a designer that you like the most?

The ability to freely express my design ethos and sensibilities. In addition, I have always believed and propagated to be 100% real. I appreciate the companionship of the tribe that I have consciously built, as well as the platform that I have created with my blood and sweat. When working on designs I turn off everything and focus on my new palette. I believe the strongest art comes from within.

You’re the stylist for the upcoming film Sanikayitham, starring Selvaraghavan and Keerthy Suresh. What was it like to style them?

 It was one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned. Working with the team has humbled me beyond measure. Working with such a big star cast has made me realise how much I can learn from others.

“Women are unaware that by masking themselves in order to fit into society, they are killing their actual selves. As a woman, I fully embrace the independence I’ve gained, and that is my success each day, becoming a stronger and more confident version of myself!”

What makes Margazhi Designs stand out?

Margazhi celebrates Madras. The colours and the sensibility can only be found in this city. In Margazhi, we design patchwork sarees and I curate personalised looks with fabric, jewellery, and accessories. Once a saree is sold, we do not restock the same design, as I believe that change is the only constant. All my sarees are reflections of my personality, memories, and observations and my clientele appreciate how I portray the saree. When I remark that my design approach has developed through time, I’m referring to the fact that my designs have become more holistic. We’re more connected to the land than we’ve ever been.

What advice do you have for women who want to thrive in the creative industry?

Be 100% real, as well as humble. Success may propel you to the pinnacle of achievement while also pushing you into the lowest abyss. As a result, try not to let anything enter your mind.

What role do you think social media plays in today’s fashion?

Social media enables anyone to create a platform and exhibit your work and let the world know about it.

Do you have any plans to launch a store in the near future?

As I have a lot of International clientele, I’m currently concentrating on my website rather than a store. I believe in taking it one step at a time to give my consumers the best possible experience, as quality comes first, followed by quantity.

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment to date?

To have a voice that empowers and encourages those around me.


Current fashion obsession: Oversized bags and Kurtis

Style statement: Being Original

Loved fashion trend: HighRise Skinny Jeans

Favourite Lipstick shade: Jade Rose

Must have accessory: Oversized Bags

Fashion inspiration: Princess Diana

Favourite fragrance: Si Passion – Giorgio Armani

One person you would love to style: Rekha



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