All That Glitters: Jaipur Gems


Intricate design inlay with beautiful precious and semi precious gems is the hallmark of Indian jewellery. Be it Indian festive wear or elegant western wear, these trinkets have an innate quality to make you look stunning. Bring in the soul of festivity into your style with fashion jewellery pieces that add a unique statement and elevate your personality. Here are the leading jewellery brands to choose from to go effortlessly chic this festive season.


About The Brand

The rich and illustrious history of Jaipur Gems combines world-class craftsmanship with a brand concept that inspires many in the jewellery business. Every woman wants to be associated with Jaipur Gems. If combining rooted Indian traditions with 21stcentury ideas in jewellery is an art, Jaipur Gems are the unanointed monarchs of it.

About The Festive Collection

Drawing from our rich heritage of craftsmanship culture, Jaipur Gems has curated a stunning bridal and wedding collection. They create wearable works of art inspired by nature, mythology, and the universe and include exquisite and trendsetting designs for all your wedding season needs. The lightness of these limited edition items adds to their appeal.

Price: On Request

Address: No. 50, Cathedral Rd, Chokkalingam Nagar, Gopalapuram, Chennai – 600086.

Call: +91 44 2811 7145



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