Alcis Sports to launch Alcis X Nari


ALCIS is authentic sportswear. This brand was born to celebrate uniqueness and authenticity when it comes to performance and sports. We are loyal to newness and modernity, for the people, by the people who believe in celebrating fitness and sports. ALCIS has been chiselled with a belief that raced ahead to become a global youth lingo, belief in a breed which believes that “Sweat is Sexy”. It’s a breed that believes, fitness packed with strength, speed and endurance is kickass. This brand offers fitness gear, which is an electrifying mix of technology and fashion, both for Men and Women. It’s portfolio spread across categories like – Running, Training, Yoga, Soccer, Tennis.  Alcis Sports and ace athleisure designer, Narendra Kumar, has launched a new collection of sustainable gym and workwear under the label Alcis X Nari powered by R|Elan. The collection was presented at the recently held Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2019. Alcis Sports is a performance wear brand and a leading manufacturer of sportswear in India.

Alcis X Nari powered by R|Elan collection epitomises ‘My Earth My Style’ with an aim to infuse a responsible fashion among those who have a discerning sense of fashion albeit with a conscience. Alcis X Nari powered by R|Elan is made using R|Elan GreenGold, one of the greenest fabrics in the world – manufactured recycling used PET Bottles. R|Elan GreenGold based garments offer the latest innovations that garment manufacturing has to offer. Alcis X Nari powered by R|Elan collection is strong, durable, trendy, at the same time, sustainable, making it an environment-friendly and an absolutely safe, the company said in a media statement. Alcis X Nari powered by R|Elan has used the most advanced fabrics made from using R|Elan Kooltex technology that infuses moisture management, anti-odour, anti-static, anti-UV, and light X properties in the collection. The collection is specifically designed keeping in mind Indian lifestyles and weather conditions.  Here is a look at the collection

The Alcis X Nari powered by R|Elan collection has three broad sections of gym wear, casual workwear, and yoga/outdoor wear, where each piece can be worn in the gym and same can carry one to the work, making a statement of effortless yet conscious athleisure fashion. The signature prints inspired by Indian textiles art, coupled with Narendra’s trademark detailing in contouring, tailoring, and sleek style makes Alcis X Nari powered by R|Elan collection to stand apart in the category. Narendra Kumar’s style signature in using sharp silhouettes imprint on t-shirts, joggers, bombers, blazers, layered jackets, and leggings makes Alcis X Nari powered by R|Elan collection much sought after the athleisure line that provides a sense of” ‘My Earth My Style’ to the wearer.

Today’s activewear increasingly blurs the boundaries between sport, work and travel. The R|Elan technology at the helm makes it possible to make it a norm for the everyday adventurer performance wear. Alcis X Nari powered by R|Elan collection has been made keeping in view the varied needs of the next-gen youth who are health conscious and sports enthusiasts and wants to wear their attitude at work.



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