AL Vijay’s dad hits out at Amala Paul


Vijay’s father opens up about the reason behind Amala Paul’s and Vijay’s divorce

For the past few days, the news of Amala Paul and AL Vijay heading for a split has been doing the rounds. Earlier there were reports of there being compatibility and lifestyle issues. The real reason that finally came to light was Amala Paul’s decision to continue working despite the Vijay’s parents disapproval. Also, another source had stated lifestyle issues. Another report stated, Amala’s over friendliness with a married Tamil actor has caused discord in the relationship. And now this news has been confirmed by Amala’s Father-in-law, that is Vijay’s father.


In a telephonic conversation with a leading channel, Vijay’s father revealed how Amala’s decision to continue working even post marriage has upset Vijay. Especially when Amala had agreed to stop acting once they got married. But on the contrary, she has been on a signing spree and that has created problems between the couple. “The news you heard about them getting divorced is 100% true and will be done legally” Vijay’s father further revealed.



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