Akshay Kumar pays tribute to unsung heros through Youtube video


If there is any actor in Bollywood who can match up to yesteryear’s superstar Manoj Kumar’s love for making patriotic movies, it is none other than Akshay Kumar! Whether it’s playing a secret agent in Baby, an army officer in Holiday, a vigilante in Gabbar or a responsible countryman in his upcoming film ‘Airlift’, Akshay’s characters in his movies always have a patriotic nudge.

The actor, who has never shied away from expressing his affection for the country, has, this time taken to the digital world to pay tribute to the unsung heroes of India. The heroes who have been forgotten, because our textbooks fail to mention them; despite proving their love for the country time and again, and yet their contribution has not been acknowledged. Scientists who work day and night to make amazing discoveries for the betterment of mankind, or army men sacrificing their lives for safety of fellow countrymen or even individuals who have helped strangers at the time of predicament. They are the unsung heroes of our Nation!

The video “I’m an Indian” released by Culture Machine’s Being Indian, Akshay talks about how we restrict ourselves when it comes to making a change by conveniently participating only in armchair activism. He is assertive in the video and requests fellow Indians to stand up for the motherland and proactively initiate the change they wish to see.



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