Ajmal Launches Perfumes For Him & Her


A perfume is more than an extract. A perfume is a mystique. It is a presence in abstraction. The philosophy of crafting memories by Ajmal remains etched in the hearts and minds of loyal customers in this perfumery industry. Keeping this thought in mind, Ajmal Perfumes presents to you their most enchanting fragrances. 

The reputed global brand owns company-owned outlets in 34 cities across India. Specific to India, Ajmal Perfumes are now available at select stores in Shoppers Stop, Health & Glow, Parcos, Olfactive amongst others.

Ajmal launches Evoke and Aristocrat for Gold Him & Her. Designed to attract an outgoing and adventurous young woman/man. The fragrance is built around spicy top notes of aromatic and essential scents. It is a sophisticated perfume revealing grandeur, power, and elegance and embodies decadent luxury with a long-lasting and daring imprint.

Available at: in.ajmalperfume.com




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