Ajith’s Team Dhaksha Is Helping TN Government To Battle COVID-19



After imposing the 21-day curfew across the country to control the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, no one is allowed to walk on the road unnecessarily. Only the front line workers were allowed to step out to do their job for the welfare of the people. The latest buzz is that Ajith’s team has been helping the Tamil Nadu government in battling the Coronavirus.

The health department is working on spraying antiseptics in areas where Coronavirus is most prevalent and it is difficult to spray antiseptics everywhere. So the disinfectant was been sprayed over the affected areas by the use of drones. A team of college students has been helping the Tamil Nadu government in this project and the team is reportedly none other than Team Dhaksha which was trained by Ajith earlier.

The students from IIT Madras to design a drone that helped the government to spray disinfectants across a large area of land. As the battle against COVID-19 continues, the same team of the IIT Madras students named Daksha has now designed a high capacity drone that can spray 16 liters of disinfectant and can cover one acre in 30 minutes. Team Dhaksha trained by actor Ajith had reportedly participated in National and International level UAV challenges and has even won several awards in the past.

Ajith had also donated a sum of Rs 1 crore 35 lakh to the Tamil Nadu government and FEFSI coronavirus relief fund when the pandemic hit the country.



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