Ahemdabad railway station gets an upgrade


Segway, the two-wheeled, self-balancing, personal transporter that has become a rage in the West, has come to the Ahmedabad Railway Station for the use of the Railway Protection Force (RPF). Officers of the RPF could be seen cruising on the railway platforms at a speed of 8-10 km per hour on the Segways, which help them in better crowd control and patrolling at the railway station in Kalupur.

The railway platform here stretches up to 800 meters and the Segway helps reach the different corners faster to help people. The battery-operated Segways come handy in reaching and controlling the crowd at the station quickly as well as for overall patrolling.

It is the initiative of the Ahmedabad railway division and the Segways are of immense help to the RPF as they can aid people in need in no time each machine would have cost around Rs 1 lakh. The Ahmedabad railway station is quite big. There are as many as 12 platforms and covering all of them on feet takes a long time. With Segways, work becomes faster and more efficient.



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