After Cooked, Baked & Grilled, Now It’s ‘Raw’ !


Primate Raw Food Restaurant is Offering a Workshop On Raw Food Preparation !

Primate Raw Food is new on the culinary block but it is catching the attention of food lovers for all the right reasons! The restaurant, the brainchild of Eldho Pachilakadan- a fruitarian, architect, farmer, naturalist, artist and free-thinker, has been inspired by nature and it adopts a very unique and healthy philosophy of cooking – one that does not use fire! Yet the delicacies on his menu include the cheese cake to the beef biriyani, all centred around fruits, vegetables, sprouts, micro greens, roots, nuts, spices, honey, jaggery and sea salt! There is absolutely no use of meat, dairy products, grains, sugar, processed oils, chemicals and table salt. You got to try it to believe it! This is the first ever vegan and raw food restaurant in Cochin and maybe a first even in the country!


The restaurant is organising a 2 day workshop on raw food preparation on the 16th & 17th November 2016 between 6pm to 9pm. “Yes! Now you can learn how the delicious and healthy raw food dishes at Primate Raw Food are prepared directly from the masters. We will conduct a 2 day workshop about raw food preparation on this Wednesday and Thursday” posted the team at Primate on facebook. Call 9544334466 for more details!





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