Advocate gets no caste, no religion, certificate


Sneha Parthibaraja, a 35 year old advocate from Vellore, is the first Indian to get a no caste, no religion certificate. She had been fighting to obtain this certificate for the past 9 years. All through her school and college, the columns of caste and religion were left blank as her family felt that her identity as an Indian was sufficient. Her birth certificate too left the caste and religion columns blank. Sneha’s application got turned down many times. In the year 2017, she informed the concerned officials that she did not want any subsidy or reservation but just wanted to do away with the caste and religion status.

It was Sub- Collector, Tirupattur, B. Priyanka Pankajam who decided to issue the certificate claimed by Sneha. She stated ” Though we found no precedent, we decided to go ahead and certify her as it will not affect anybody or take away another person’s opportunity.”
Many celebrities have started ending congratulatory messages to Sneha for her commendable, revolutionary act.



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