Actress Meena Inaugurates Viscosity Dance Academy


“Viscosity Dance Academy grows more Thicker and Thicker,” says charming actress Meena

Dance is becoming the ultimate passion of our Chennai youngsters these days. Though there are several Dance Academies that are active in Chennai, Adayar’s Viscosity Dance Academy has earned a special name among the Youngsters. Growing more big, Viscosity Dance academy has launched their second branch at Anna Nagar on last Saturday which is launched by Actress Meena in a grander manner. Founded by Jagadeesh Kumar, Viscosity Dance Academy is well professional in teaching Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary style of Dances to the Youngsters. It is to be noted that the creative head of Viscosity Dance Academy, Jagdeesh Kumar is a learnt professional in ‘Broadway’ style of Dancing (One of the Popular dance in the US). “All my ambition is to teach ‘Broadway’ style of dance to our Indian Youngsters. Starting from the age group of three, we teach international dance to all age groups. But they must have passion and love towards Dance” says Jagadeesh Kumar, the creative head of Viscosity dance academy.

Opened by Actress Meena, Viscosity Dance academy’s event had  a quite pretty number of Dancers and lots of NRIs who has adequate passion on dance. “I don’t feel as a chief guest. I feel as one of the family member of Viscosity. I was the one who opened Viscosity’s first academy at Adayar and now I am very much happy to open this new branch. I feel proud to see Viscosity Dance Academy growing more Thicker and Thicker. But this is not enough. Viscosity has to be spread out all over Tamilnadu. I convey my hearty wishes to the founder of Viscosity Jagadeesh Kumar and his partner Karthik for their successful future. All the best to the Viscosity team…” says Actress Meena.



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