Actor Jiiva inaugurated Laughing Budda Tattoo Shop and the White Lily Beauty Co. in Palavakkam ECR


The Laughing Budda Tattoo Shop and White Lily Beauty Co opens its doors to tattoo and beauty enthusiasts in the city. It’s located in Palavakkam ECR right opposite the PUMA Showroom on ECR main road. Online: |

The studio will focus on body art and rejuvenation services; which includes tattoos, piercings, makeup, and for the first time in Chennai skin perfection therapy, vitamin iv therapy, crystal body sculpting, pranic facials, and also has a holistic healing section.

The lead tattoo artist, Sandeep Singh and Founder Mallika Chaudhuri have an interesting story behind the names of the Tattoo shop and beauty company. The studio is dedicated to the welfare of their dogs, all of whom have been rescued, the name Budda should not be confused with the Deity, Lord Buddha, but an abandoned Labrador that they rescued last year during the monsoons. White Lily was the name of a street dog an Indie dog that was rescued as a puppy and luckily got adopted.

White Lily Beauty Co. uses the best products from all over the world for their bridal services from MAC to Bobbi Brown and Kylie Jenner Cosmetics to Huda and Fenty Beauty. Make up, Mehendi, Hairstyling and skin glow therapies are their core focus. Mallika has learnt the art of make up from Toronto, Canada and is excited to share her knowledge of make up through her work as well as make up courses and workshops that will be held at the studio for the ECR community.

A very special section of the company’s services also includes Pranic energy facials and crystal body sculpting which is the process of using both Pranic healing and crystals to rejuvenate the cells and balance out the chakras in the right way to see what some might say are miraculous results. Our technicians are all very highly qualified and have a lot of experience with very happy customers and they provide an at home service as well.

There are a number of studios in the city but this one has a unique cause, they plan on giving 10% of their profits for the welfare of abandoned dogs in the city. 

Mallika says, “We are mad about doggies and the tattoo shop is named after one of our ten rescues, a Labrador named Budda who took our heart when he sat calmly under a car for three days during the Chennai rains waiting for his owner to come back. However; we are the lucky ones because we got to keep him! We opened this studio with the wish that we can contribute to the welfare and rescue of abandoned dogs. So when you get a tattoo, make up or any service from us you will also be contributing and that is a beautiful chain reaction.” 

There are very few professional tattoo artists these days in Chennai, and practicing the art in a hygienic and systematic way is very important because a tattoo is a lifetime decision and a good result is often due to educated work done by professional artists. The Laughing Budda Studio, practices extremely hygienic and the latest techniques when performing their art and promises happy and satisfied customers.

They focus on Tribal, Dot work, Geometric, Japanese, Maori, Water Colour, Abstract designs and also can replicate almost any design that you bring to them. The studio also has a training facility for those who are keen on learning the art. They have 2 programs, a basic and a professional which are very reasonably priced as they are focused on spreading their knowledge. This career line is one of the most financially lucrative options for an artist or someone who is creatively inclined. There is no barrier for age, gender, no glass ceilings for female artists (in fact female artists are quite in demand) and the best part is you can travel anywhere in the world and either set up your own studio or join a studio and it all depends on your art and your skills.

The stigma of having a tattoo is now almost erased from society as people now from every walk of life are keen on body art as an identity for themselves. Sandeep also shares, “I have had all kinds of ethnicities, older and younger generations. Sometimes, fathers bring their sons and get matching tattoos, we have even had a grandma come and get a tattoo on her birthday! Everyone loves Tattoos and we love inking them!  

The studio is looking forward to inking Chennai for many years to come and would like to invite all of Chennai to come and experience their service.



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