“Two Adorable Losers”, An English Comedy Play Starring Darsheel Safary And Abhishek Pattnaik


Act 1 Scene 1 presents “Two Adorable Losers”, An English Comedy Play Starring Darsheel Safary And Abhishek Pattnaik, On January 27th, 2019 At 7.00 pm, Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Auditorium. The play stars Darsheel Safary from the National Award Film Taare Zameen Par & Abhishek Pattnaik. Two Adorable Losers is an English comedy about a professor from a rural state (Odhisa), weak in his English diction and a Third Year Psychology student, weak in Statistics. Both suffer from the same problem – an inferiority complex. In an attempt to regain their lost confidence, they approach each other, which results in an unusual alliance. As the coaching progresses, their relationship evolves from teacher-student to father-son, to two friends, to business partners and whatever else that fits the viewers’ description.

Venue: Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Auditorium, Lady Andal School, Harrington Road, Chetpet

Date: Sunday, 27th January 2019

Time: 7.00 pm


It has been noticed that the relationship that existed between a teacher & a student in the past, primarily the communication, has been drawing apart in recent times. After observing these instances the play underlines methods that can re-build this relationship through churning it from purely formal & professional, so friendly and personal. The characters not only provide a statement as a solution to the problem but assist one another to the solution. The professor and the student eventually find out the common passion they share and use its strategy in applying it with Statistics as well as helping the teacher get better with his English diction.


Students and teachers face immense stress and pressure not only in their academics but also in relationships with parents, friends, acquaintances, relatives, and colleagues due to lack of communication, which affects them mentally as well as physically. In this play, the student and the professor successfully communicate their inferiorities and insecurities to each other and help find a way out of their problems.

Quoting Dr. Jagpreet Singh, the Dean of Punjab Public School, Nabha “A teacher does not only teach in class, what a teacher teaches in class is 20% but what he teaches outside is 80% of the education that he gives you.” Furthermore, in the Indian Society there is a very common belief that if an individual is fluent in the diction of the English language, he must be very knowledgeable and educated. The play successfully addresses this misconception and has changed the perception of the individuals thus leaving them feeling more enriched.

While using humor as the tool, Two Adorable Losers has been successful in depicting these themes via the characters, narrative, and dialogues and creating an emotional connection with its audiences as the play progresses.



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