Acing the accessories arena: VEENA ASHIYA


Nothing can make you look more modish than a stunning piece of accessory. Beads, baubles, bracelets, trinkets, hoops, chokers, stilettos, totes, clutches, peep toes, dainty anklets…the list goes on. Comfortable shoes are having a moment, and leading the way are trendy sneakers that can be paired with anything and for any occasion. Even sarees, if you please. No wardrobe is complete without a chic white shirt or a classic LBD that can be dressed up or down and what can make you look like a million bucks with these timeless classics? Yes, you nailed it! It’s the right accessories. Some of the top notch fashionistas, stylish entrepreneurs and bloggers from Bengaluru share their formula for looking chic and staying comfortable.



‘Shoes that look good feel good’ – believes Veena Ashiya of Monrow Shoes, a women’s footwear brand.

Her story: Former Versace and Tommy Hilfiger employee and NIFT alumnus, she came up with the idea for Monrow from her dilemma of struggling to find fashionable yet comfortable shoes for herself and found her calling in designing shoes that fit like a glove on Indian feet. “I used to work in NYC for Versace and realised that I had a ‘love-hate relationship with heels”…loved the looks but hated the discomfort. When I moved back to India, I saw that most women had the same issues, so I decided to solve the problem by intensely researching on the shape of Indian feet and how heels can be designed to make them comfortable,” shares Veena.

What’s trending: Talking of the latest trends, she says, “Besides trendy bags and jewellery, shoes are the biggest trend when it comes to accessories. The hot athleisure trend has now caught on to shoes as well. Fashionable high and low top sneakers and platform-heeled sneakers look great and are comfortable too. The trend caught on well in India as it is easy to adopt and what better than a trend you can wear the whole day? I’m a very keen collector of shoes and accessories. I think they are like magic wand and can transform any outfit. My shoes are always from Monrow, in styles that I wear for a day of running around in the office or a party. I’m fortunate to have inherited some super vintage Rajput jewellery from my mother that I pair with western dresses to complete the look.”

Her style statement: “Most people match shoes to the outfit, but I first start with the shoes. I have different shoes for different moods and occasions. I have classy nude heels for my office days that go with anything and sexy LBD versions of heels for parties. For the inner Khalisee, I have thigh-high gladiators as I feel sometimes you need to unleash the inner goddess,” winks Veena with a smile. She adds, “In my 20s, I developed very interesting ways to look at shoes. They are like our relationships; some are exciting and not necessarily for emotional comfort, while some are like BFFs, always there to hold your feet, comfortable but what I was looking for was a combination of excitement and support and I decided to build it myself when I couldn’t find the right one.”

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