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Meet the wonderful people behind AXYZ Ventures,  Renjith Thaliyadath and Dhanalakshmi Renjith

Having a multifaceted approach in providing services right from the inception to the completion of a project improves quality and performance. And this contributes to the success of AXYZ Ventures. Celebrating their foray into the international market, the people behind AXYZ Ventures, the young and energetic couple Renjith Thaliyadath and Dhanalakshmi Renjith sat down with the RITZ team to share their ideas, views and thoughts on the processes, projects, and the importance and relevance of project management consultancy under a single roof.

What makes AXYZ Ventures different from the rest of the Project Management Consultants?

The answer to that question is pretty obvious from our profile and our clientele list. We give precise focus to each and every aspect of the operational procedure. Everyone knows as the number of projects goes up, the amount of individual attention given to each project goes down. But ours is a different story. This doesn’t happen here. Each project is given ample amount of attention and dedication thanks to our brilliant network of consultancies. Take our Education City Project at Puthoor, for instance. A 22 lakh sq ft project on a 65-acre piece of land comprising of colleges and educational institutions. The man force requirement as you can guess is going to be high. Instead of hiring, we outsource the work to a consultancy service to ensure quality service.

How does AXYZ define a successful project?

You know, as a project management consultancy, we provide integrated and comprehensive consulting services for all kinds of real estate projects from individual villas to luxurious residential complexes and commercial buildings. This involves design management, construction management, financial and risk managements, quality management, project monitoring and much more. Our market research and feasibility analysis help us derive certain facts, figures and data at the beginning of the project. Success is when there is hardly a 0.01% difference in the actual results we get after completion of the project and the figures we had previously calculated.

What are the ingredients of an outstanding project?

That depends entirely on the type of the project. I personally cannot say that so and so colour is the best colour, so and so design is the best. Each project has an essence on uniqueness within itself. It depends on the location, the topography, the landscape, the climate, and even the economic and cultural background. Let us take Kochi, for an example. A project at Vytilla will be totally different from the one at MG Road. And when you look at the bigger picture, South India as a whole, the difference is even more prominent. We have the mountainous areas, coastal areas, and backwater areas, so we create something that blends in harmony with its surroundings rather than sticking on to a signature style.

About the commercial project for Syama Dynamic?

Well this is a 4000 square metre commercial space at Vytilla, popularly known as the building that resembles a ship. One of the challenges, we faced was that the width of the plot that faced the road was narrow. Had we designed something usual and conventional, the result would have been an odd, narrow faced building. However, the Chairman of Syama Dynamics was supportive and motivated us to use our creativity and skills to the fullest. We tackled this problem by giving the narrow face a curved profile that resembles the bow of a ship. Instead of going with the usual designs where each storey seems apparent, we designed it in such a way that it appears as if it were a single solid piece of mass. This unique approach gave the building an elegant contrast from the rest of its surroundings.

What were the challenges you faced during the initial days of AXYZ and how did you overcome them?

Though our way of operation as a project management consultant is the standardised method of executing a project, convincing this to a client was initially difficult. As far as the client is concerned, the idea of a total project management consultancy under a single roof is slightly different from the usual procedure that is prevalent here. But as the project progresses, the client becomes convinced of the advantages our operational procedure offers on a periodic level. One can notice the significant benefits we offer not just at the end of a project, but during the execution of each segment of the project.

As a project management consultancy, how does AXYZ balance creativity with functionality and financial constraints?

This is exactly where the philosophy of AXYZ becomes relevant. As a Project Management Consultancy we offer a total package of solutions. Right from market studies to the execution management of the project under a single roof, we can ensure that every aspect of the construction project is taken into consideration in a seamless manner. I remember during my early days, of practise  it was very difficult to sync every element of the processes in a balanced and flawless manner. AXYZ provides a solution to that problem.

Now talking about balancing the designs with function and finance, I can assure you that every single piece of design, every profile has a function. No design is created just for the sake of solely creating something attractive. Take the Syama Dynamics’ commercial building for instance. The elevation that resembles a ship is created to give a wide and spacious feel to its narrow front view. The structural cladding in the east pre-vents the building from getting heated up. The green space is just provided not only to please the eyes but also to make building environment-friendly.

If you could go back in time, to redo some operation at AXYZ what would have it been?

You see this is a field that keeps evolving at a very fast pace. Each and every day there is something new coming in – new technology, information systems, management strategies and financial flow systems. The system keeps getting better and better each day and we learn something new every day. Had we had these technologies and systems in the past we could have done these projects even better. It is like how everyone says; if they had a mobile phone 20 years ago communication would have been easier. Similarly had we had access to the recently developed technologies during the initial days, the results would have been even more magnificent.

How did you assemble each and every unit of AXYZ?

A project management consultancy providing total solutions is born when a proper system of execution is carried out in a hierarchical networking pattern. There are separate sections for construction, architecture, auditing, financial management, and feasibility analysis. The communication within these groups and between the groups is integrated in a seamless and systematic way. We have a system where there is a proper sync between the office and site activities.

Of course, this system was not achieved in a day or two. We took small yet steady steps each day, yet we never failed to evolve and keep ourselves updated with the latest market trends. And here we are.

How has your family contributed to your success?

My father has inspired and supported me a lot. He is also in the construction industry (RASHBA), and thanks to him I became well acquainted with the construction industry from childhood. He was the one who taught me that millimetre was a gigantic unit as far precision and accuracy were concerned. According to him even a single millimetre can make a difference in any structure, say, for instance, plastering. He would also state that no matter how insignificant it seems, an error is an error. He inculcated a sense of perfectionism and it has helped me to deliver flawless results to our clients. My wife Dhanalakshmi has been with me right from the inception of AXYZ and she has supported me through thick and thin.



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