Abhishek Bachchan Shares His Personal Connect With Jaipur Pink Panthers


In a press meet, Abhishek Bachchan has revealed that there is a personal connection behind the name of his kabaddi team, Jaipur Pink Panthers. He said he was inspired by his father, wife, and daughter to name the team. He wrote, “Whatever work I do in life, I feel it should have a personal connect. When I was little, my father used to call me out saying ‘Tiger’ then after a few years I thought even I should call him something as an answer. One day when he came back home from shooting, he asked me ‘How are you tiger? I replied,’ I am fine Panther. How are you?’ and I was 4-5 years old then. Since then it became like a fun thing, he used to call me Tiger, I used to call him Panther. If there was an animal that we wanted to choose, I was sure that it was Panther because that is how I used to call my father,” he said.

He went on to say that pink is daughter Aaradhya’s favorite colour. “So I thought that Pink and Panther would be nice. My wife Aishwarya has worked in the film Pink Panther 2 with Steve Martin, so that’s a connect to Aishwarya. Jaipur was the city, Aishwarya and I came together in, so that’s why Jaipur. If you see, our Pink Panther has blue-green eyes which are the same as my wife’s. So there is a personal connect to everything about Jaipur Pink Panthers,” he said.

The series, Sons of The Soil: Jaipur Pink Panthers will present the journey of the team. The Amazon Prime series is called Kabaddi Kabaddi.



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