AADYA handloom saree store launch at Banjara Hills, Hyderabad


Mrs Lakshmi founder of AADYA Inaugurates AADYA handloom saree store in Hyderabad

The Aadya collective, as a brand was founded back in 2015, when our founder’s passion for handloom sarees took shape into a social enterprise which is focussed on bringing handlooms to the forefront.

The Aadya collective’s mission is to bring forth a collaboration between tradition and craftsmanship with a vision to revive old tradition while providing a safe sustainable platform to empower the weavers and their community.

As a brand we are focussed towards keeping the looms alive, ensuring the weavers have a sustainable source of income, and making handloom fashion.

Product range:

The Aadya collective, true its name, focusses on bringing you a variety of weaves from across India, with a core focus within Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The range includes Gadwal, Khadi from Ponduru,with specialised Jamdhani work, Ikkats from Puttapaka, Chanderi, Venkatagiri, Mangalgiri, Kanchivaram, Linen and a lot more.

  • Khadi cottons in earthy tones and light shades with silk borders, some also come with Jamdani on the pallu. This is the famous Ponduru Khadar that is woven by the weavers of Srikakulam, which is one of the finest varieties of handwoven Khadi.
  • Revival of Venkatagiri Sarees – With the help of our weavers, Aadya now aims to revive the traditional and extremely valued Venkatagiri sarees. Coming from the historic town of Venkatagiri from the Nellore district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Venkatagiri Sarees are one of the softest and most durable south sarees in India. They are usually of six yards and are suitable for all climates. The distinctive feature of a Venkatagiri saree is a big Jamdani motif of a peacock, parrot, swan, mango or leaf in the pallu.
  • Gadwal sarees – Nurtured in a small town called Gadwal in Andhra pradesh, The weaving technique used to design the Gadwal sarees is the interwoven weft technique which was traditionally known as Kupadam and the weaving style for the borders was known as Kumbam. These sarees were woven in pure Silk and were made available in contrasting colors like lime green or a canary yellow. The best part of a Gadwalsaree is that it can be folded to match the size of a match box without ruining any part of the saree.
  • Chanderi Silks – The weaving technique that originated somewhere in between 2nd and 7th century in Madhya pradesh, It’s a unique combination of contemporary and revival of old borders in different fabrics such as silk, muslin, cotton.

At Aadya we are proud to work with weavers who continue this heritage of weaving precious cottons and silk sarees and our endeavour is also to bring back designs, borders and buttis of the glorious past that belong to our grand aunts and grand mothers!”

Visit us! Aadya is now located at 8-2-227/b, Inwinex Towers, Road no 2, Banjara Hills, Opposite rainbow hospital, 500034, you can buy from us at theaadyacollective.com



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