A26 – Bringing Exceptional Musicianship To Barracuda Brew


Much to the delight of music lovers in the city, Barracuda Brew is bringing A26 right to you. A26 is an eight-member band that is being spearheaded by the dynamic Lester Rodrigues. The band is known for giving their audience exactly what they want and more – music from different genres and spectrums that would appeal to a wide niche. Happening at Barracuda Brew, we can already say that the performance will be something you would regret missing out on.

Barracuda Brew has managed to impress its patrons with its stellar ambience coupled with great food and drinks. Factoring these in with the music that A26 brings to the table is enough for one to expect the experience of a lifetime. Hailing from Goa, the band has managed to secure a loyal fan following – having been in existence for almost 11 years now.

Women’s Day is that one day of the year when people come together to acknowledge and appreciate everything female-identifying members of society have to offer to the world. There is no better way to celebrate this than with two of the best players in the game.

When: 5th March 2021 | 7:30 PM onwards

Where: Barracuda Brew, 24, College Rd, Subba Road Avenue, Nungambakkam, Chennai.



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