A Unique Digital Art Music Concert By Salim Nair!


0. 1. Infinity is a Unique Digital Art Music Concert to be held at David Hall!

“A musical performance on a computer with a set of new generation peripherals, protocols and tools, some of which have not been previously introduced in India… creating an expression that captures the depth and nuances of Indian music at the same time embracing the liberating and energetic idioms and sounds of modern digital art music… through combinations of Indian Classical and Ghazal traditions as well as aspects of new age, trance and progressive art music genres, ” posted the artist on facebook.


Salim Nair is a talented Jazz Flutist, a masterly Digital Musician and a savvy Software Engineering who is equally passionate about music and coding. He has been active in music ever since his training days in flute by the likes of Sri KS Gopalakrishnan and then moved on to performing Jazz and Digital music. He had a Jazz quartet in Philadelphia under the name Bamboo Jazz.

Watch him perform at the David Hall, Fort Kochi on 26th November 2016 between 7-9 pm.



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