A Tribute To Indian Fashion


Sounak Sen Barat, the well-known designer from Bangalore, made waves at Karnataka Fashion Week with his new collection J’adore Jamdani.

Says the designer with a conscience, “For the last 6 years we have been focusing on creating a design philosophy of wearable global fashion that is classical and timeless with a knack to create wearability through unconventional artistic expressions and surface ornamentation.

This time around I felt it was time for me to give back to the country. To celebrate the true heroes of Indian heritage and luxury. Our weavers and artisans. So we adopted a few weavers in Bengal and created Khadi Kamdanis and fine Mulls. My idea was to create global luxury using self developed textiles that are born from the soil of our very own roots. Why use Chinese silks and Italian novelty fabrics when there is a gold mine of history and heritage textiles oozing from our own soil! Why not showcase that to the world!”

There came the thought of J’adore Jamdani.



His creations we modelled by some of the city’s most unconventional names – all movers and shakers in their own right – film producer and concept event creator Karan Rao, Grammy winner Ricky Kej, design legend Rakesh Thakore of Abraham & Thakore, photographer and visionary Sam Mohan, Zoheb Yusuf, concept co-creator at Prasad Bidapa associates and Bangalore’s society darling Ila Dorairaj Naidu.





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