A temple dedicated to ‘Corona Devi’ comes up in Tamil Nadu


A temple dedicated to Goddess ‘Corona Devi’ has come up in Kamatchipuram on the outskirts of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu to protect people from the Covid-19 pandemic. It is said to have been set up by the authorities of Kamatchipuri Adhinam in their premises.
The black granite used to create the idol is 1.5 feet long. Special prayers will take place for 48 days to seek blessings and save the people from the deadly disease. Maha Yagam or special yajna will be held on the last day of prayers but people will not be allowed to visit the temple to offer prayers. The consecration ceremony took place last Tuesday and poojas have started.

Sivalingeswarar, the man who is behind this said that it has been a practice in Tamil Nadu to create deities in order to protect people from plagues and diseases. According to him, there are many such deities like the Plague Mariamman Temple in Coimbatore and that people harbour a belief that deities protected the citizens during the plague and cholera outbreak in the past. Only priests and mutt officials will be permitted to enter this temple due to the pandemic guidelines in force



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