A Sufi walk to Moula Ali on February 3 in Hyderabad


Primarily a place of worship for Shia Muslims, the shrine is thronged by people of different faiths. At the foothills also lies the tomb of Maha Laqa Bai Chanda, an 18th-century poet and courtesan of the Asaf Jahi era.

Incidentally, this year marks 250 years since her birth. Join this heritage walk and learn various tales about of Moula Ali, the Qutb Shahi era and also about Maha Laqa Bai Chanda, who managed to hold her own in an age that was dominated by men.

3 February 2019, 04:30 pm – 06:30 pm
Secunderabad, Meeting Time: 04:15 pm

Meeting Point: Moula Ali shrine entrance
Medium: English



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