A Soulful musical evening by Nirupama​ ​Rao​ ​and Soundarie David Rodrigo


Vivanta by Taj, MG Road in association with Bangalore School of Music hosted a delightful evening of melodious classical tunes and culture with “Beyond Boundaries”, a fund raising concert for music connoisseurs featuring India’s former Foreign Secretary and distinguished diplomat Nirupama​ ​Rao and reputed Sri Lankan Pianist, Soundarie David Rodrigo.

The concert witnessed Nirupama​ ​Rao singing a wide repertoire of classical and popular songs in the Western musical genre. Accompanied by Internationally acclaimed pianist Soundarie David Rodrigo, the concert featured an array of soulful and melodious compositions by poets and musicians such as Ludvig Van Beethoven, Robert Burns, Franz Schubert, Richard Farina, Ivor Novello and Rabindranath Tagore. The audience were enthralled by the performances, which also included a composition from Nirupama called ‘Peace is my dream’; which she quoted was very close to her heart and dedicated it to her country and all the other neighboring countries.

The profits from the concert will be donated to The Bangalore School of Music’s ‘Music Reach’ Program for the Disadvantaged Children.



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