A singer and a dancer


Her parents are the famous dancing couple from Hyderabad – Drs Raja and Radha Reddy. Exponents of kuchipudi, they have contributed in a very big way towards making this dance form popular all over India. Their daughter Bhavana Reddy, who is an established kuchipudi dancer is also a singer.


Based in Los Angeles, Bhavana has released her self-produced debut EP Tangled in Emotions, in February of 2014. An extended play (EP) is a musical recording that contains more music than one single but is usually too short to qualify as a full studio album or LP.

Her EP reflects the work of prominent engineers including John Would (engineer on Fiona Apple’s 2012 Grammy-Nominated album) and Reuben Cohen, from Lurssen Mastering (Slumdog Millionaire, Game of Thrones, Snoop Dogg).


Additionally, the EP boasts phenomenal guest musicians, including percussionist Blair Shotts (Rihanna, Drake, Adam Lambert), tablist Salar Nader (Lil’ John, Shaggy, Ustad Zakir Hussain) and violinist Ray Suen (The Killers, Flaming Lips, Childish Gambino) along with her cross-cultural band including Dennis Nilsson on drums, Kevin Lambertucci on bass to do justice to the complexities of an eastern-western blend of cultures.

On the EP’s lead single, Smells like Rain she blends a cathartic rock melody with a series of vocal acrobatics to create a song that evokes vaguely middle-eastern sounds while still sounding as though her feet are firmly planted within indie rock’s fertile soil.  Haunting string harmonies and percussive blasts combine to form the platform from which her powerful voice leaps like a diver into the swells of layered instrumentation.



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