A Shot Well Done


Bengaluru’s leggy lass Shubra Aiyappa speaks to RITZ Magazine in a candid interview on some fun behind the scenes making of her latest calendar shoot


How did you get selected for the Kingfisher Calendar 2019?

I was approached by Atul Kasbekar Who seemed convinced that I give the KF calendar a serious shot. Having not done anything remotely close to a swimsuit shoot, I had my apprehensions. He finally did manage to help me see the positive side of this shoot that has helped a lot of budding stars like Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Nargis Fakhri to find their calling in Life. Very happy that I finally did this shoot and the pictures are looking great.

What were the challenges and how did you overcome them?

This being my first ever swimsuit shoot, my challenge was dealing with the initial apprehensions. Thanks to a fabulous and a super professional crew, everything felt like a breeze and I landed up having one of my best ever shoot experiences.

Where did the shoot take place? Please share some interesting incident from the shoot?

The shoot happened in Sardinia, Italy. Almost paradise on earth. The most interesting incident for me was to create my very own weight training session using chairs, suitcases in my balcony. A fun post of this work out on my Instagram page got picked up by tv channels down south.

Did you get time to explore the places after work?

Since there were a few locations that we shot at, the travel itself helped us explore a lot of beautiful locations and places. Work turned out to be a lot of travel and fun

What else has been keeping you busy these days?

I recently performed at SIIMA Awards, followed by a few more event performances down south. I have shot for a film with Director Simple Suni in Kannada titled Jon Cena and is nearing completion.

You’re also very passionate about dance. Please tell us more.

Dance is my passion and I have been training with some of the most talented dance choreographers in both Mumbai and Hyderabad.  Dance for me is also a way of life to stay fit. I am a great fan of hip hop and contemporary form of dancing. It’s also my constant endeavour to keep learning new dance forms, it helps me stay focussed and fit.

What’s next on your work front?

Waiting for my Kannada movie to release, a few shows are lined up and I believe my time for Bollywood is here and things are looking favourable and positive on that front for now.

Something more about your journey so far?

It’s truly been a rewarding journey so far, have had my moments of highs and lows, every experience has only made me a better professional and a person today. I have met and worked with some of the best talents in varied fields. Made friends who are family now. Hoping to fill up all dates of my KF calendar in 2019 with some great work.



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