A Ritzy Affair


RITZ Magazine and MISU pulled out all the stops to host one of the most classy evenings in June. The evening celebrating the success of RITZ Magazine saw the young cover page power couple Arun and Priya Chittilappilly mingling with the elite guests at the swish soiree. The invitees were dressed in their designer best as they let their hair down at MISU, the swanky new pan-Asian restaurant on St Mark’s Road in Bengaluru. There was sheer bonhomie in the air as the jet setters sipped on some red and white Big Banyan wines, fine Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky, Kingfisher Premium Beer and Kingfisher Buzz at the generous, free flowing bar. The teetotallers were seen sipping on some Lemon and Watermelon Iced Teas. Some of the delicious hors d’oeuvres that everyone was raving about included Spicy Tofu Avocado Maki, Fried Turnip Cake, Namprik Tofu, Fried Coconut Shrimp Roll, Kung Pao Chicken and Thai Golden Bags Chicken.

Nutritionist Shalini Manglani and financial consultant Mimi Partha Sarathy were some of the early ones to leave. Reliance Jio head honcho Jimmy Amrolia and his pretty wife Shaheen looked fabulous and had a blast clicking photographs on their phones. Swati and Sidharta Viswanath and Sushil and Manjul Gupta also shared some happy vibes and after sharing some banter, had to leave to attend a close friend’s wedding. Other eminent socialites at the celebratory bash included Pramila Deepam, Manish Vohra, Gurpreet Singh, Mohahammed Haris Nalapad, Vikram and Manjusha Maheshwari, Abhay Kewadkar, Sonya Suri, Rekha Jain, Sandhya Jain, Roopamouli, Behram Siganporia, Arun and Babita Sharma, Komal and Suresh Vaswani, Sheetal C, Imtiaz and Rubi Chakravarti, Amit and Mamta Roy, Dr Shuba Dharmana and Anshul Chodha, Ekta Rathod and Reshma Kunhi , Sounak Pushpita Sen Barat, Rahul Dev Shetty, Beena Patre, Veena Ashiya, Omana and Dr Thomas Chandy, Nalini Nanjundayya, Anitha Kholay, Shalini Chopra, DJ Chico, Runa and Nealesh Dalal, Amit and Mamta Roy, Ekta, Reshma Kunhi, Pragya and Abhishek Jain, Ashok and Dipthi Aashok, Ramesh Dembla and models, Nirmal Mandoth, Chinu Kala, Halima, Neha and many others. BNS Reddy, Additional Commissioner of Police was also spotted at this intimate and classy shindig.



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