A R Rahman at Sony Center for The Performing Arts in Toronto


On Feb. 4th Ideal Dreams, a tribute to A.R. Rahman’s 25 years in the film industry, took place at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto. For nearly three decades Mr. Rahman has inspired people around the world and Ideal Entertainment was thrilled to have had the opportunity to recognize his contributions in his presence.

The show featured over 100 artists, hand selected for their extraordinary talent, and acts made up of musical theater, dance and vocal performances. Each sequence in the artistic affair was set to Mr. Rahman’s award-winning compositions.

Ideal Dreams showcased the full range of the gifted composer’s ability to transcend genres and weave together tradition with innovation. Kindred Spirits Orchestra led by Maestro Kristian Alexander played the musical score while Ralph Francis led the musical band, and O’Neil Gerald Donald led the vocalists.

Engaging, interactive, innovative—Ideal Dreams was a bit of everything Ideal Entertainment strives to bring to each of their productions.

What’s more, proceeds from the event will support the A.R. Rahman Foundation. The Foundation gives economically underprivileged children an opportunity to receive unparalleled musical training and perform on the world’s stage.

Through Ideal Dreams Rahmaniacs experiences the artistry that has mesmerized audiences for decades, in soul stirring new ways, and were inspired to discover your own dreams.



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