A play by Manch Theatre – Ye Pichchar To Banke Rahegi



Manch Theatre presents a story which revolves around a family in a small town. The family owns coal mines in Jharkhand and is very rich, but illiterate. One fine day, the only son of the owner of the coal mines tells his father about his dream of becoming an actor. But at the same time he doesn’t want to struggle, so he comes up with an idea of starting a family owned home production. Serving all the whims and fancies of the family, the director of the movie somehow starts making the movie.

But not every story has a happy ending!

Director: Niteesh Pandey

Artists: Rita Tamrakar, Shailaja Chaturvedi, Rupa Prabhakar, Niteesh Pandey, Prateek Srivastava, Ankit Kumar, Siddhant Misra, Sanket Lade, Syed Shahnawaz Ali

Where: Lamakaan, Banjara Hills, Opposite GVK One Mall, Off Road No. 1, Hyderabad

When: Sun 31 Jan, 08:00 PM



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