A New Travel Experience In Nepal


Being India’s neighbouring country Nepal is comfortably sandwiched between India and China,  Nepal is one neighbouring country that never ceases to remain in the background both for political and tourism reasons. While the two Asian giants are competing with each other to grow their influence over Nepal, the very conflict is yielding benefits for travellers and tourists alike. And the bonanza came in the form of country’s first modern railway from India to Nepal, thereby facilitating travel to the traveller’s paradise.

Also, Travellers don’t require a visa to travel to Nepal, they can opt for this if you harbour the opinion of cutting down travelling time. Reasons to include Nepal in the wish list are many, but to find a particular one is like beating around the bush. In short, Nepal is one of the most fascinating countries that travellers should plan a visit to this year.

What makes this country so fascinating to lure visitors from far and wide is the Nepal Himalayas that drives travellers crazy and prompts them to tick it off from their bucket list. Some of the accessible yet extreme hiking trails of the Himalayas are here, luring adventure seekers to go beyond the rugged trials to the Everest. Exotic Himalayan views, wildlife, golden temples and beautiful hill villages shape the landscape of this country, waiting to be discovered and explored via a curious camera lens and an interesting perspective. For those wanting to get that adrenaline kick, travellers can get their hands on paragliding and mountain biking.

 The correct Itenary for the visit should be Bhaktapur, Kathmandu and Patan. Spiritual voyages are also one-of-a-kind activity, where you are joined by Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims and go around centuries-old monasteries and stupas. It is an experience that can be very enlightening to seek nirvana. Nepal shouldn’t be judged by its size. In fact, its prominent location and landscape strengthen its profile both as a tourist hotspot and as a strategic partner for the country. Owing to these significant reasons, now traveller’s have all the options to facilitate the recently-launched train from Delhi to Nepal and explore the Himalayas



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